Seaman on Saint Charles

Saint Charles sure knows how to party.

as our city set out to celebrate its 250th anniversary this year, it chose to erect seaman all over the town! seaman, the beloved dog of meriwether lewis, made the expedition with lewis and clark from the mississippi to the pacific coast and back.

we are all so proud of how lewis and clark came in Saint Charles, so of couse spreading seaman around makes the anniversary extra fun! the city erected 25 artistically decorated seaman statues for people to find and enjoy. our brand, seaman on Saint Charles, recognized the need to help our fellow town folk celebrate with a bang by creating unofficial, unapologetic, quality merch featuring the seaman we all love so much.

check us out at our next event.

have a great idea for a product you don’t see here? drop us a line! we are always up for more great seaman ideas!


Jennifer mcclure

founder and seaman queen


lindsay sutton

marketing and head seaman specialist


Kelcey Byers

graphic designer, creative director, and seaman exemplar